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  Thursday, August 13, 2020   
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Dave And The Giant Pickle - A Lesson In Self Esteem
by  VeggieTales
Dave And The Giant Pickle
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Retail: $9.99
Binding: DVD
Publisher: Capitol Christian Music Group (February 2009)
Category #1: Family Entertainment
Category #2: Children
Category #3: Character Development
Item #: 820413113292


That's how a little shepherd boy named Dave feels when his big bother head off to defend their country, leaving him behind with the sheep. "Big people do big things, and little people do little things," they tell him. They're in for a surprise, though, when they find out their foe is much bigger than they thought! In this hilarious re-telling of the classic Bible story of David and Goliath, kids learn that with God's help; even little guys can do big things! Approx. 30 minutes excluding bonus features.

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